Encouraging positive reviews is just as important as responding to bad reviews

Continuing in the series of “understanding the importance of managing your online reviews” this time we focus on the positive reviews.

At SHI, we help business owners understand how to manage their online reviews – Here are some more of our top tips:

Tip 1:

Respond to all Positive Reviews

It is just as important to respond to the positive reviews as it is the negative. In much the same way that responding to a negative review demonstrates to your online audience that you care and you do monitor the review sites, the same can be said for responding to a positive review. Your customer took the time to shout loud that you and your team did a great job – a simple thank you and an acknowledgement of appreciation works wonders and encourages other users to do the same.

Tip 2:

Reward Positive Reviewers

We all like to be thanked, whether we are the reviewer or the reviewed. When writing your response to a positive review, you can actually use this as a clever piece of marketing – If you reward the reviewer by offering a discount incentive off a future stay for example, this can help to bring you repeat business AND allows others to see that positive reviews get rewarded, therefore encouraging more positive reviews.

Tip 3:

Circulate the Reviews

It sounds obvious, but it is surprising how many companies do not do this. As well as an obvious pat on the back to your departments team members, which in turn is a great motivator, it may also encourage employees to perform better in the hope they get a mention in a positive review. Setting up a monthly competition for who gets the most mentions in positive reviews is a great way to motivate hospitality staff whilst at the same time encouraging more positive reviews.

Tip 4:

Advertise and share your positive reviews

The most well known hotel review site Trip Advisor actively encourages establishments to inform their customers that they are listed on the review site. They go as far to issue certificates, stickers and other paraphernalia so you can announce to your customers how well you are doing. One great way to do share positive reviews is to add their “widget” to your website. The widget filters out negative reviews and only lists positive reviews. It updates on a regular basis and automatically scrolls the positive reviews to your website. It is free and easy to install and we thoroughly recommend it.

The fact is, we’re living in a marketplace in which customers have much louder voices than ever before. And there’s no going back. Today more than ever it is vital that business owners and managers understand how to manage their online reviews.
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