The National living wage – what does it mean for your business?

The National Living Wage looks set to add a minimum of 3.4% to hospitality wage bills. Whether you are for or against it, it will have a significant impact on the hospitality sector. Being a labour intensive industry with an ever increasing skills shortage, now more than ever hospitality employers need to take full stock of their teams.
Those persons starting a new job who are 25 or over perhaps quite rightly so will deserve a higher wage, but what about existing employee´s in your business whom are under 25 but are possibly more experienced than your new employee? This is where the real effects will start to take place.
At SHI, we help business owners and managers create effective training and development plans so whoever you employ, you can get the best out of your teams.
During the second quarter of 2016 we will see what first effects the new wage levels will have, and depending on how employers tackle this, we can be sure that this will be a talking point for months to come. How will your business be affected?
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