Staff Retention vs Staff Recruitment – Time vs Cost

All too often induction & training for new and existing staff is overlooked. The reasons are nearly always time related, ie, lack of it; but if you were to evaluate the benefits of training versus the time and resource spent carrying it out, you would soon see that a good training and development plan wins hands down.
Which costs your business more? Time spent on training and retaining staff, or the cost to replace and recruit more staff?

At SHI, using our Inspection process as a guideline, we can help to put in place structured and easy to implement training plans for all areas and departments of a hotel.

As obvious as it sounds, not all managers get the concept. Number one on any management agenda should be to have a well structured induction and training plan in place for all departments at all levels. After all, however much experience a new person comes in with, you need them to do it your way, and you want to make them feel welcome.

With as little as 2 secret Hotel Inspections we can help your hotel to detect the areas where staff training and development is required. For more information on this or any other matters relating to hospitality business, please contact us at Secret Hotel Inspector.