CRM – Customer Loyalty


You can’t put a price on your regular customers can you? Well, actually you can.

 “On average current customers spend 67% more than new customers.”

With regular customers making up a significant proportion of your business, it’s in your interest to keep them engaged. Relationships by nature aren’t static and they continue to evolve over time, so we need to reinforce our customer relationships at regular intervals to give them compelling reasons to keep coming back.

Brand Advocates

Your loyal customers are already a captive audience. But, managed in the right way, they can become not only people who visit your venue, but loyal brand advocates who actively promote your business through wordof-mouth (WOM) recommendations. Not all customers have the potential to become advocates, but there are some common-sense steps that you can take to encourage this behaviour:


  1. Providing great customer service
  2. Using first name terms online and offline
  3. Remembering special occasions
  4. Rewarding your very best customers or VIPs
  5. Setting up a loyalty program
  6. Encouraging customer feedback and taking action


HINT If a customer has recently dined at your venue why not send them a mid-week treat to get them back through the door. Rewarding them for their visit but also introducing a new pattern of behaviour that encourages them to visit both mid-week and at the weekend.