CRM – What does it mean?

The term CRM can be intimidating. It’s something that’s often talked about but what does it really mean? On a basic level, CRM or Customer Relationship Management means building relationships with our customers.

By collecting data and analysing customer interactions, we can send more meaningful communications, build a loyal customer base and streamline the sales process. To really get to grips with CRM, we can put this idea into an offline context… ‘Imagine walking into your local, approaching your favourite bartender, who before you even say anything, asks if you’d like your usual Hendrick’s gin and Fever Tree tonic.’ CRM is something you are already doing without even knowing. It’s these customer nuances that we identify in an offline setting that we are looking to replicate in the online space. Used in the right way we can employ CRM strategy to build meaningful relationships with our customers and increase revenue in new creative ways.

To better understand how to start your CRM strategy, SHI has put together an easy-to-use 6 step guide that walks you through simple steps to make a big impact on your business. We will give you the tools to create powerful connections with your customers….

77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns