The Worst Complaint

The worst complaint is the one they never mention
I always emphasise the values of treating guest complaints as second chance opportunities. Whilst we try our best to mitigate complaints, inevitably we will have to deal with them from time to time. We should actually encourage guests to voice their concerns; better that a guest shares their issues and complaints while they are in-house rather than waiting until they leave and going online to post a negative guest review.
However, despite all the relevant paraphernalia that has been placed in guests’ rooms to encourage them to notify a staff member if service falls short, very often they don´t. As a result the best time to solicit guest feedback is during the check-out process.

As part of the SHI process, we can help you to identify key training opportunities in your business as well as reviewing your guest satisfaction journey.
With as little as 2 secret Hotel Inspections we can help you to pinpoint any shortcomings BEFORE they happen – For more information on this or any other matters relating to hospitality business, please contact us at Secret Hotel Inspector.