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It is important to use actual experiences to measure the guest journey and to monitor sales techniques. 


So, How Does This Work ?

Once initial contact has been made and we have discussed the areas of your business that you would like to target, we can then decide upon the inspection module type that best suits your particular requirement. Further discussion leads to a tailor made module. Typically, we perform a minimum of 2 “Secret Inspections” per module.

After each inspection a full report is submitted with suggestions to explore any changes where required. Visits are coordinated so that there is time in between each assessment to implement any improvements. This part of the process is agreed and it can take as long or as little time as you choose.

Pre-Inspection Hotel Assessment

If you are affiliated to any well known classification agents such as the AA, English tourist board or any other governing body and are expecting an inspection any time soon, ask for our pre-inspection service to pre-empt any shortfalls.

Standard Overnight Hotel Inspection

This is our most popular module as it encompasses all areas of the hotel establishment from arrival to check out. We call this the hotel MOT. We all know a regular MOT makes sense!

Extended Overnight Hotel Inspection

The same as the standard inspection but we take a more detailed look at the pre-arrival and post departure services including website functionality, guest surveys, electronic interaction and external site reviews such as Tripadvisor awareness.

Staff Awareness & Sales Techniques

This module of our service concentrates on the staff element and most importantly takes an in-depth view of the way they sell the services you offer and interact with your clientele.

Social Media Marketing

We take an in depth look at the ways you can market your business better using the least amount of money. We also analyse where your business is coming in from and look at ways to increase your market using proven strategies of working with OTA´s.

Branding and Design Services

Because we work closely with a graphic designer and web developer, we are able to provide branding and design services. Your brand needs to stand out and your business needs to be able to get its message across to your chosen market. Do you know your chosen market?

Competitive Marketing

You can contract a secret Inspector to spend the night and review your competitors and perform site comparisons.

Food & Beverage Inspection

All aspects of your Food and Beverage outlets can be covered in this. These are tailor made to suit each type of outlet such as fine dining, bistro, brasserie, café, carvery, bed & breakfast etc.

Hotel Leisure Clubs & Spa

All aspects of your leisure and Spa services can be covered in this. These are tailor made to suit each type of outlet such as members club, gym, wet areas, health and beauty spa etc. 

What Our Customers Had To Say?

Rebecca White

Rebecca White

Beyond amazing, after my full report, i took immediate action and the results where amazing. I have so much for free time and less stress ! Thank You !

James Dorian

James Dorian

When i took my fathers hotel all i got was bad results, i had no experience …. Thanks to you guys my hotel is not only saved, it is profitable and a new home for me and my family.

Charlie Mcdonald

Charlie Mcdonald

Ive always had a dream of owning my very own hotel, but ever since i begun to franchise profits slowly began to deplete. Not Anymore ! So Grateful to the team.

Post Inspection Support

Following inspection and the compilation of the written report, we do not simply leave it there. We offer post inspection services to help you to remedy any shortfalls. Our post inspection support ranges from simple suggestions or incorporating us into your team for a few days! We can help with implementing staff training programmes and we offer a networking community where you can ask for help from there.


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