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Case Studies

Case Studies

3 star Hotel North West

We were contacted by a private hotelier who wanted to increase the star rating of his property from 3 to 4 stars. The hotelier felt that he already had everything in place for the official inspection, but he wanted a dry run before hand.

We carried out an overnight inspection armed with official 4 star property criteria. Our results revealed that whilst the substantial investment which had been made on materials, fixtures and fittings was very noticeable and befitting a 4 star property, the staff training element for the 4 star guest expectation was lacking. At 4 star levels guest expectation is increased and staff awareness has to be raised.

When we delivered our results, we gave the hotelier a comprehensive list of examples where shortfalls were identified as well as a guide to some basics that must be applied for this star rating. We agreed a time frame for the hotelier to address the issues, then we went back for another Secret Hotel Inspection. This time we found the service issues to have been mostly corrected and the level of service more conducive to the increased star level. A further report was submitted for the hotelier to work on.

Two months later the hotel received their official inspection and gained the four star recognition they had set out to achieve.

Case Studies
Case Studies

Sales Awareness & Training Techniques

A popular wedding venue for many years, but during the past few years this client had seen a steady decline in their wedding trade. Their sales and marketing campaign had been increased and developed to be more focussed on wedding sales but it did not seem to delivering the results they had hoped for.

Secret Hotel Inspector were contacted – after discussing the client concerns, we set a plan into action. We first performed a competitor set; we found that our client hotel was in fact competitive on prices and further more this hotel was more attractive as a wedding venue than most others in the local area.

Our next step was to implement a set of mystery shopper telephone calls. We performed a series of different wedding telephone enquiries and all calls were recorded. This time the results revealed various fundamental flaws which were presented to our client – the results were a shock to the client who believed that his sales and reservations team were handling all enquiries correctly.

Our process revealed that this venue is competitive both in terms of price and quality of venue, and whilst the client put increased spend and emphasis into their marketing campaign, they had not performed any sales awareness and training techniques. Our research showed that for every 100 enquiries, the conversion rate from enquiry to a booking was 28%; Our client said that a few years previous this sat around the 45% mark.

We left the client with the recorded telephone calls which could be used for future sales training and agreed upon a once per month mystery shop telephone call in order to continue to monitor progress.

Series of overnight Inspections

We were contacted by a hotel owner whose property had lately been receiving less positive reviews on social media sites, and in general he felt that standards were slipping. We discussed all of the issues the hotel owner had. Once we had a greater understanding of the areas to look at we suggested an initial set of 3 overnight Secret Hotel Inspections. We tailored our criteria to match the hotel owners matters raised.

Our first overnight inspection confirmed the suspicions of the hotel owner; these results were fed back along with a comprehensive report detailing all aspects of the overnight experience. Our reports also offer guidance for possible remedies. We agreed to make our next Secret Hotel Inspection between 3 and 6 weeks time, even the hotel owner would not be made aware of the exact date.

Our second overnight inspection revealed that very little had changed. We were then invited to meet the hotel manager and explain our findings along with offering possible remedies. The hotel manager found the results to be a useful tool and we agreed upon a further timescale for the third overnight inspection.

The results of the third inspection showed a vast improvement over the previous 2 with the inspector commenting that she would be satisfied to recommend this property to a friend. We left the hotel owner and manager feeling more confident about their business requirements and we are pleased to report an increase in traveller reviews since we carried out our programme of Secret Hotel Inspections.

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