“Our mission is to empower hoteliers around the world to achieve their goals and create the best guest experience.”

About us


Who Are We ?

Secret Hotel Inspector is borne from the personal experiences of the business founder, who has worked in the hospitality industry since 1990. The industry faces a constant barrage of new challenges as trends and technology change.

Challenges such as ever increasing customer expectations, the ability for consumers to shout about their experience on the internet.

Why use Secret Hotel Inspector?

Our hospitality management consultants have years of knowledge and experience in the industry and they cover the whole spectrum of departments. We can offer you a true reflection of your existing business, helping to identify and solve potential future problems before they occur and we assist you in any areas you feel should be performing better. This truly is a cost effective way for achieving improved profit & business performance with long lasting effects.

Enlisting Secret Hotel Inspector as part of your management solution will allow you to reach new milestones in your business. As somebody once told me, “you must inspect what you expect”. Our approach to the inspection modules we carry out is to look at the big picture in small detail, and we guarantee we will find things that are often the most obvious to overlook. Providing professional assurance, our team know and understand the industry; their feedback and solutions will be practical and measurable.

About us