Effective and Efficient way of evaluating the services you provide


Effective and Efficient way of evaluating the services you provide
“We live in an age where Social Media can be the difference between a potential customer booking, or not
Don’t let your potential customers be put off.


The services we provide offer an honest reflection of existing business and help to identify future problems before they occur.

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Give your business a competitive edge, it is important to use actual experiences to measure the guest journey

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  • “We are a small, privately run hotel. We put a lot of our time, money and effort into ensuring the guest journey meets our guests´ expectations. As we cannot be there 24/7 we wanted to make sure the staff we employ were giving the same levels of service we had expected them to give. Secret Hotel Inspector provided this option and delivered invaluable information back to us. We would certainly recommend them.”

    Val & John, Wales

  • Having used the “most well known” hotel inspection organisation in the UK for all the years that I can remember, I felt that their approach to the inspection programme was lacking in certain ways. In particular their once every 2 years overnight inspection is simply not enough to give me the regular feedback I was looking for. I was told about Secret Hotel Inspector and I cannot be happier with the invaluable feedback they provide.

    John, Oxfordshire

  • I used SHI to perform a series of mystery shopper telephone calls to my hotel – I was shocked when I heard some of the recorded conversations! This service proved to me that no matter how much I believed my staff were competently handling all enquires, they were not. I was able to plan a re-training programme after identifying the weak spots, thanks SHI.

    4 star hotel, Manchester

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